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Rain, Weaving and a new Quick and Furry

I have been in a reading slump. Pick it up, put it down, pick it up, sigh, put it down again. So, I have been weaving and really enjoying it. Since it has been raining so much I haven’t done much gardening, but I finally got out today and wrestled the lawnmower through the knee high grass…. Ouch.

I laid in the tub for a couple hours after that, and enjoyed the newest Celia Kyle/Mina Carter “Quick and Furry” – number five of the series. Hey, quick is good, though I did have to refill the tub before I finished. Ah, the benefits of hot water and Epsom salts! And I actually read without putting it down, so kudos to finally getting back to reading. Maybe tomorrow I can get back to my normal reading schedule (already in progress)… and if you aren’t old enough to remember that, well, that just shows how old I really am. Sigh. Anyway, my review for Wanting A Mate: Quick and Furry #5:

Wanting a Mate (Quick & Furry, #5)Giggle time! Celia and Mina’s fifth in the “Quick and Furry” series was just what I needed to snuggle into tonight. Giggles and grins with a side of yummy.

“Free therapy in exchange for the willingness to be included in a study. ‘The Inherited Intricacies and Deficiencies of the Familial Mind.'” Yep. Chloe has one whack-a-doodle family – the kind that stalks you and breaks into your house when you aren’t looking. . . well, mom is an oddball, but the brothers aren’t so bad – just sorta, well, stalkerish and overprotective. But hey, things could be worse, right? Your mom could break into your house in the middle of the night to inform you she has set you up with the M&M Mating Agency, cause she really does want grandkids. Er, Grandcubs? Whatever.

Oh, yeah. That actually happened. (Facepalm)

Cougar | Wildlife Info and PhotosWhat happens next had me giggling out loud. Well, and enjoying the hottie hotness that Celia and Mina are famous for. This is one cute entry into the Quick and Furry pantheon. If you haven’t read them, why not? Funny, hot shorts sure to help you relax after a long day. So. Much. Fun!

I received this book from the authors in exchange for a realistic review. SCORE!!! 😉 (Happy Dance!)


A Story From Fiberygoodness

Randi Winters
Photo courtesy of Other beautiful yarny photos available on the site!

For the last several months I have been enjoying “Fibery Goodness” with Arlene (Spin Artiste) and Suzy (Woolwench) on

There are wonderful things on their site, including courses like Journey to the Golden Fleece Creativity in Fiber Certificate, a Fibery Art Gallery of student creations, and other ‘pretties’.

On the blog today they posted Stories!, including a Fairy Tale by Randi Winters. You should flip over and read it – it is a beautiful tale, with gorgeous yarn and spinning photos. Besides, if you are into yarn, this is a site you must not miss!


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