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Will It NEVER END?!?!

I am MORE THAN READY for Warm Weather!!!

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(Edited) Well, it IS Pretty….

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Humm… I had tried to post from my tablet and thought it didn’t work, then I fell asleep and forgot about it! I just got up and checked my mail, and it seems the blizzard photo I attempted to post posted – even though I thought it didn’t. Pft. LOL! Of course, we ARE “The Mile High City” so I always find it rather ridiculous when the press starts running around in circles like a chicken with its head cut off when we get a bit of weather. Sissies! 😉 Besides, it was only just over a foot that fell – chump change!

But believe me, it was a Blizzard. Two inches an hour fell overnight and throughout the day. Pretty depressing, as I was sitting out in the sun reading just yesterday. Before the snow started falling, that is… As the giggly guy in this video says,

“The weatherman said it was supposed to be a dusting – A Dusting! – Do NOT go out in this!”

Avalanche Warnings, 86 MPH Winds – Colorado Is Fun Right Now!

The wind is howling, 86 MPH in some areas, avalanche warnings are howling, and we are expecting up to 20 inches of snow . . . but I hear the South is getting hammered too, and they aren’t used to it, so, “It’s All Good!” LOL

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