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Check This Out – The Night Shift On NBC – I Love It!

Lately I have been recording episodes of a show called The Night Shift that shows on NBC here in the States. Don’t know if you lovelies outside the U.S. get NBC, or the show, but if you do, I recommend this show for those of you who, like me, enjoy shows with fictional characters and interesting story lines, but very serious, very modern thought processes. Let’s face it – I rarely watch the Tube, so if I like it enough to tell you about it, I  really like it!

The show is set in San Antonio Memorial Hospital, where a group of doctors, nurses and paramedics, mostly ex-military, work to not only save their patients but to help one another through PTSD and other issues dealt with by the military, both present and ex-military, in today’s world. The show is amazing. Tonight I watched a special one that was, as always, both touching and heartbreaking. There was a previous hostage situation in the ER that cost one member of their group their life, and while they are trying to deal with that, as well as everything else, they are dealing with cases that were for me literally heartbreaking, while at the same time being absolutely uplifting.

The Night Shift - Season 2Yes there are some personal, boy-girl things in the show, the whole romance thing, but mostly this is a lot deeper than that. And the one I watched tonight encouraged me to tell you about the show and how much I am enjoying it. Tonight (original air date the 4th) was Season Two, Episode 212 Moving On. I missed the first season, and part of the second, but I really want to see the whole thing.

Phryne Fisher – 1920s Female Sleuth With Attitude!


aw Miss 20Fisher s 20Mysteries 20120215115039547828 420x0 Phryne Fisher   1920s sleuth comes to our screensHow WONDERFUL!! Phryne Fisher is a new favorite for me. Just found her on Netflix, and I am absolutely charmed. A strong, funny, so-very-alive lady detective! And her friends are just as interesting – a lady doctor included. Yea for strong women . . . You should check her out – though I won’t guarantee that you won’t spend hours locked to your screen, laughing, cheering and generally having a rollicking good time! essie davis as phyrne fisher Phryne Fisher   1920s sleuth comes to our screensPhryne Fisher – 1920s sleuth comes to our screens.

Let’s get NAKED! Naked Vegas, that is!

Claire Sinclair, Playgirl of the Year, goes Googie!
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I am hooked. Naked Vegas is on my “must record” list! As a long-time fan of Face Off I as tickled to see the start of Naked Vegas. Well, not at first – I actually didn’t know what to think when I saw the name of the show on SyFy Channel. Huh? Are we going to be seeing orgies or something? LOL!

 Instead, it is Red, Heather, and Weiser from the company Naked Vegas in Las Vegas, NV. The art of these incredible artists will, literally, blow you over. These people turn human canvases into amazing works of art. Everything from Med Students to the Playmate of the Year Claire Sinclair (now THAT is a real woman, curves and all!) become creatures of stupendous beauty. Yes, these are naked humans. So what? The ‘nasty bits’ are covered, whether with tape over nipples or teeny tiny bikinis over ‘boy parts’ within a few moments, you don’t even see the “body.” Instead, you see the stunning work which went into the actual art. And the models themselves are amazing…. Standing there for hours on end, they become a canvas for amazing works of art that may stand out, or may fade into the background in astounding ways.

I first noticed body painting during the first season of Face Off, another SyFy channel extravaganza. Coming into it late (my television watching tends to depend on shows that I cared enough to record on my DVR) I was blown away at the amazing abilities of the artists who specialize in the art of Movie Magic. Staring three of the greats of movie makeup, McKenzie Westmore, Ve Niell, Glenn Hetrick, groups of contests vie for the title of Face Off Champion. Normally, I hate this type of show, but Face Off blew me away, and keeps me panting for more!

Face Off - Season 5
Left to right: Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neill, Neville Page
Judges on Face Off
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Rayce Bird’s take on Tim Burton. It was one of my favorite makeups ever shown on Face Off. The cellist who keeps her love alive as she plays . . . touching, gorgeous, and amazing!
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My first body painting show – on Face Off!
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Photo credit: Brett-Patrick Jenkins
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Tonight, I also got the great pleasure of watching Face Off: Naked And Painted. All I can say is, WOW! I may not have known all that much about body painting before that first episode of body painting, but now? I am totally, totally hooked!

If you get the chance, and you love art, you have to check out these two series. I will always be glad I did!


All photos are property of The SyFy Channel, All rights are reserved by SyFy and are used only in an effort to encourage others to watch two television shows which I greatly enjoy! Thank you to the SyFy Channel for providing these photos from

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