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Review: DesertWolf Briefcase/Computer Bag

DesertWolf Premium Cotton Canvas Cross Body Laptop Messenger Bag - Men Business Vintage Handbag / Briefcase - Fit 14 Inch LaptopQuality is my watchword, as anyone who has read my product reviews knows. It doesn’t matter how something looks if it is going to fall apart the first time you use it. This bag meets and exceeds my expectations by a long shot!

First, let’s get the sexy stuff out of the way. This satchel is indeed sexy. I can absolutely see The Tomb Raider or Indiana Jones using this bag. It has that whole “Egyptian Archeologist” feel to it, all leather and canvas. It has a “been there, seen that” feel.

Now, let’s talk about quality. The leather is really that – leather – unlike a lot of the more ‘plasticized’ materials that are so common. The canvas is high quality as well, heavy enough to be really study while not so heavy as to be stiff and uncomfortable to work with. The buckles are strong, the zippers are well made and seated, and the lining is nice quality. There are both snaps, for ease of access, and zippers for safety. The shoulder strap is very nicely made and attached with heavy buckles. These are the stress points that can cause a bag to collapse. What is truly nice is that you can slip the (nondetachable) strap into the bag and use the very nice leather handle on top to carry it like a briefcase.The front leather flap is stamped with the face of a wolf and the name of the piece “DesertWolf.” The photo above shows a different stamp, but it is still nice looking.

So far, this truly seems an exceptionally well-made bag. Of course, the problem now is that my housemate grabbed it with a wild and persuasive cackle. Persuasive in that she has laid claim and won’t let it go! 😉 Sigh. That is two, yes TWO bags by this company that have been snatched right out from under me!

I received this bag from IBSound in return for a realistic review. The MSRP is $98.00, the current price on Amazon is $35.99 – so GRAB one while you can!!!


I just don’t get it……


If you look at my “Recommendations from My Clients” page, you will see that the floral line that should be between Mark Henwick and Ivee Olivares is actually stuck up by Hidden Trump. I worked on that page ALL NIGHT LONG….. (tearing hair out and screaming) . . . and it STILL looks like that!

I researched, (WordPress sucks big time for any really useful information) all over the web, but no luck.

So. Anyone have any ideas? I am at the end of my rope!!

Drawing courtesy of Carlia


Sigh. If you are going to review a book, review the Book!

kindleThis is something of a “training” post. I have seen a lot of reviews of craft books, knitting books especially, that aren’t reviewing the books themselves. Instead they are “reviewing” the fact that they can’t figure out how to print out patterns from the books.

Myself, I cannot understand why anyone would WANT to print out a pattern from a book on Kindle. I use mine all the time. However, to help out those who are having problems, I posted to the Kindle help site. Below is what I posted. Hope it helps you out!

One of my favorite pattern authors got a bad review because the reviewer wanted to print out patterns instead of using Kindle to follow along. So, I am providing this information for those out there who would rather print out patterns, though I can’t imagine why you would want to, as using the Kindle is AWESOME for patterns.

It isn’t the author whom you should be asking this question of. This is a technical question that should belong to Amazon Kindle. Giving a bad review for a book of knitting or other crafts is totally unacceptable because of something that the author has no control over.

First, using a Kindle for knitting is the PERFECT method. I use it all the time for patterns, some immensely complicated. You can highlight your spot, mark with different colours, make notes of where you are in the document, bookmark, note any changes you make to the pattern. Anything and everything you would want to do with paper you can do with the Kindle, quickly and effeciently and it is still there when you get back to your knitting. You can easily carry your Kindle with you wherever you go, just drop it into your knitting bag and you are good to go. What could be easier?!

Now. You can’t print from the Kindle directly. However, to answer your question, here is what you do.

If you don’t have Kindle Reader for PC loaded on your PC, you can download the software here:

Now, go to your Kindle Library. Find your book. Under the “Actions” dropdown menu, locate “Deliver to My” and in the dropdown box select “Name’s Kindle for PC”. The Name’s is your name, of course. You can also “Download and Deliver via USB” if you don’t have wireless.

The book will download to the Cloud. Now, under “Actions” again, click “Read Now”. It will open up the book in a separate webpage. The tab should look something like

You will be looking at the book. To the right and left, you will see grayish arrows to move through the book. To go quickly to the pattern you want go to the Table of Contents and click on the title of the pattern you want. Now you can prepare to print.

The layout on my computer is to see two pages at once, but I have a 24″ screen, so I am not sure if you will see one or two. You may have to print out more than one set of pages, which is fine; the directions I am giving will work. You just have to pull up the pages one by one for printing. It is easier to see and work from this way anyway.

Now, to print out the pages it is just like printing any other document, but you have to use PRINT PREVIEW to set it up the way you want to see it. You may have to play with it. On mine, I set to Portrait (which gives me one page on the screen) and 125% which fills the page and gives me easy reading. You may have to play with it a bit to get the sizing right. Then Print.

If this is too much, and you want to, you can also use Print Screen on each page of the Kindle for PC document, open a Word document, change to Landscape layout then Paste into the Word screen. Then, just print it out.

This should answer all your questions about printing out patterns from a Kindle book.

It is that easy. Happy Crafting!

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