lionSo, less than a month ago, I had to go to B&N and pick up a new Nook, because I dropped mine and the screen shattered like fine crystal. Well, at least I have Insurance!!!  I visited the good people at my local, and they were wonderful, as usual, and replaced it…

Now? I have plugged the sucker into three different outlets, left it plugged in overnight, and it is still not charged. Well, darn.

At least I get to visit my friends over at B&N tomorrow….. And I just found out that the newest Nook is out – but looking at the comparison at I don’t think I will go for the Galaxy. It has pluses, but the screen is only 7″ compared to the HD+ 9″ screen, and every inch counts with my eyes, so new HD+ is probably on the horizon.

Have I said how happy I am that I have Insurance???