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Awwww, Man!! Dropped my bloody Samsung Galaxy Tab E on the bathroom floor. And yes, the thing went SMASH! tinkle tinkle crack crack crack…………… Sigh. Yes, it looks something like this:

All the years I have used a reader I haven’t dropped and broken one until now. I sure hope I really DID buy that “Drop and Break” insurance on my baby like I always have before. I bought it in October of 2015, so it should still be under the Warranty period, but I think you have to buy drop insurance for this sort of thing. Grumble Grumble….

Well, sigh. I guess I will just go to bed now. Barnes and Noble first thing tomorrow.

Wish me luck!

Tax Season is OVER!

taxes I haven’t been around lately, which I am sorry for because I am really behind on reviews! I got an invite to work on tax software this year, so I sat on my duff and answered the phone, helping people with tech problems with their tax software. Good money (thank goodness….) but hours and hours and hours of work and very little sleep!

Starting my catch-up tonight!exhausted

Diagnosis: Burnout Cure: Almost a month of doin’ other stuff

“Life is one big road with lots of signs. So when you riding through the ruts, don’t complicate your mind. Flee from hate, mischief and jealousy. Don’t bury your thoughts, put your vision to reality. Wake Up and Live!” – Bob Marley

Image result for burning woman artThough I have been MIA for most of the month, I am rather proud of myself in a way. All my life I have been on a train of my own making. Moving from place to place, pulling stakes, isolating myself in new locations. So, when the flame-out came this time, feeling overwhelmed and unsteady, I did something new. I didn’t pack the RV and find myself another spot to roost for a bit. Though I have to admit a cabin, or simply living in the RV in the mountains of Montana, is sorely tempting. I kept myself in place and simply stopped doing the things I was doing, took a walk down a different path, and found myself refreshed. Wow. Who would have thunk that the gypsy in me could be happy in one place?

While I have been on hiatus I hadn’t read anything. Sad when you are burned out on reading, isn’t it? But I had so much going on, I was scattered. Now, after a month of simply thinking of nothing at all, spending time outside and in my studio, I am slowing coming back to reading. Taking it slow, reading some of the anthologies I have had on the back burner. Nothing intellectually stimulating, but I have found some things that I have enjoyed.

So, I am back to it. Reviews coming on the anthology stories I have enjoyed and the new authors I have found, as well as some authors I had slipped away from and am glad to have found once more. I missed you guys, and hope you missed me too. I discovered it is lonely without my online peeps!

“We are told to let our light shine, and if it does, we won’t need to tell anybody it does. Lighthouses don’t fire cannons to call attention to their shining – they just shine.”Dwight L. Moody

Well Now, I’ve Been Saying This Since I Was A Little Girl #DalaiLama #PutWomenInCharge

What more can I say?

Good and Bad Stuff

I haven’t been posting much the last few days. Lots going on around here. Where to start? Well, HiJinx finally left me. She has been GREAT since my last posting. Full of20141201_201838 energy, happy and content. When she went down she went down fast. Dr. Donna came to the house and helped her over the Bridge. She is such a wonderful veterinarian, so kind and caring about all of “her” babies. Jinx will be back with me in a few days, her ashes to join the others on my mantelpiece. I miss her terribly, but she went calmly, and I couldn’t stand to see her fall further until she was in too much pain. Isn’t it odd, how it is perfectly fine to put down a pet, but your family members? They are forced to suffer horribly just to make us feel better. Sigh.

Colorado May Snow StormLet’s see. I had to replant my seeds because of a snowstorm last month. They were coming up well – – until I went to bed on Friday and woke up Saturday to four inches of snow and the flats buried. Gag. Well well well. So much for a garden this year, I suppose. I have been building the beds up, however. My neighbor, Ruth, came down and helped me get it started. We aren’t just throwing in purchased dirt. Instead, I laid cardboard in layers on the bottom. When you review products for Amazon there are a lot of cardboard boxes. So, layers! The next layer is tree cuttings, including big chunks of wood, limbs, and the layers of bark that have built up under the stacks of tree cuttings. The method is called Sheet Mulching or Lasagna Gardening. You layer in the “big stuff” then compost, horse manure, straw, weeds (yes weeds! Pull them up and toss them in, as long as they haven’t gone to seed) whatever you have on hand. I have two compost piles that were here even before I moved in (wow. 2007.) that I have continuously added stuff to. Grass cutting, food wastes, even paper towels go in there. Needless to say, opening up the cages left me with GREAT compost! I will be opening and using both of them, and I started a new one off to the side, so free soil! I need more horse manure – there is a stables just around the block, so I am going to try emailing them and see if I can come get some. Of course, I will have to walk over with my wheelbarrow… LOL. Maybe I can rent a pickup from U-Haul and fill it up? My back is feeling better and I have been doing my exercises – OH! And I have lost ten pounds, so that helps as well. Go, Me. Still have quite a ways to go, but hey, not bad huh?

I also cleaned house (not bad, huh?) so that helps with the feeling down over losing my baby girl. Pft. I am a horrible cook, and a terrible housekeeper – I accept that about me – hee hee! Oh, but I did make bread! I used to cook, really well, but it isn’t like riding a bicycle – you do forget how. I dug in my cookbook collection (yes, I have Bernard Clayton's New Complete Book of Breadsone, even though I no longer cook) and pulled out Bernard Clayton’s New Complete Book of Breads. I used to use the book all the time – baking bread was my stress relief during a very difficult time in my life. Pfeffernus Brot, Coconut Banana Bread, Galette de Gannat, and Brioche. Those were my favorites judging from the stains on the pages! This time I used a recipe called Pain Battu Au Fromage, or Cheese Batter Bread. Batter bread means that it is really easy to do, even though it uses yeast (my long-time enemy!) and it is great to use for a base for other breads. I made the batter without the cheese, then made two different ones – one with sharp cheddar cheese, bacon and sun-dried tomato (Great sandwich bread!) and another with dried apricot, dried Cranberry Nut Bread (recipe from Colleen Patrick-Goudreau's Joy of ...cranberry and pecans. That one I poured chocolate chips on top of… umm. I didn’t add any sugar, so it isn’t sweet at all, but the fruit flavours come through.

So, I have edits to do so I better get back to work. Michael Angel’s next Dayna Chrissie book is on my desk (Woo Hoo!) and I am completely enjoying it!

Have a lovely rest of the week everyone.

What A Crappy Day

So, today was the day I picked up Colin’s ashes from the funeral home.  My best friend, gone forever. And when you don’t have a lot of those, you cherish every one you have.

I leave the house under grey skies, and the bottom falls out. By the time I get to the funeral home I can barely see past the hood of the car.  Lightning, thunder, flooding, you name it. My Boxer, HiJinx, is with me, and she is shaking like a leaf. And of course, I left my driving glasses at home, so it is a real pain in the backside to drive anyway. Then add in the flooding…. sigh.

Picked up Colin’s ashes at the funeral home, sobbing like a baby, but I also have to drop off stuff in Golden, so I do that. Not fun getting home through the storm.

Then, the UPS man comes. Now, don’t get me wrong, he is a sweetie. He has been my UPS man for years, and he is always cheerful. But today? Well, hell. I set up an account with UPS a few days ago, and had a package for him to go to Bob Bird in Canada. Bob bought the ereader cover that I had on the site the other day and I had it all nicely packaged. But. . . for some reason, UPS decided that they wouldn’t send along a label!!! HUH?? They ALWAYS send along a label!!! I set the box out and they pick it up and it gets where it is going . . . so, what the fuck????

Contacted UPS – well, since I have my own account now instead of Etsy or Amazon, I don’t GET labels!!!!

Oh, and, BTW???   Stuff it up your butt if you think you are getting a refund!!!


Grabbed my package and headed to the post office. Yep. Still raining like the end of times . . .

Get there, and realize…. the postal code isn’t on the sheet I printed out.

Bashes head on counter.


Well, fuck me sideways!

So, back to the house in the driving rain, with a stopover at Walmart for a new two-tier Lazy Susan for the kitchen (yes, I am left handed and the teakettle steams off to the right. Fine. Get over it. The Rubbermaid melted. The new Walmart special is bamboo, I bet it can take what I dish out.) Oh, and the liquor store, because no matter that I try not to drink, being that I suffer from (as you all know) serious depression, I really need wine – and LOTS of it…..

Oh, and I decided to do something other than my Yellow Tail Shiraz Cabernet – though in several years of wine tastings I usually come back to that one. Found a Fantini Farnese Montepulciano that is a bit dry, very intensely fruity, and yes, very almost gone already…. will be returning to this Italian Winery again.

So, here I sit, having gone to the USPS site and gotten EXACTLY WHAT I WANTED EXACTLY THE WAY I WANTED IT…. I have a new Lazy Susan, four bags of Halloween chocolate (no, there will be NO trick-or-treater’s, that shit is all mine!) a tummy warmed by Montepulciano, and my best friend’s ashes sitting here on my desk.

Everyone knows I would never let my depression interrupt my editing (Promise, Marcel!) but when I finish this glass? Yep. I’m going to bed and listening to Passenger’s Whisper and passing out. Tom0rrow has GOT to be a better day!


Too Many E-Mails………….

If you sent me an email, and I haven’t answered, Please send again.  I had over 1,000 emails this morning, and I was going cross-eyed trying to weed through it all.



Happy Birthday, Gammy Rose

img034It is my grandmother’s birthday today. Rose Walker Cooper. She was born on July 25, 1895 and was quite as an unusual lady. She was a nurse who worked at Levi Hospital in Hot Springs, Arkansas for many years, and was a private nurse for the private practice of one of the hospital doctors by the time I came along. You can’t tell from the photo, but her hair was so bright red it was nearly orange, and she had skin like alabaster. She was a gentle, quiet woman. Of course, she was so quiet because her husband was a complete and total bully.

I didn’t get to see gammy Rose a lot, the Crazy Bitch had me working from the time I was tiny, putting me on the wildest horses she could find – she came very close to getting her wish and having one of them kill me, but it just never quite worked out that well. Although I got all sorts of broken bones, concussions and once got my right arm torn nearly all the way off (over 600 stitches before the doc stopped counting) and the left side of my head ripped off as well. Glad they found my ear, LOL!!!

I think that is the longest I got to stay with my gammy, as she liked to be called, was after that incident. The yelling I heard was no doubt her trying to get the Crazy Bitch to leave me with her and Arch, but that didn’t happen. I did, however, get to stay a few weeks, which was awesome. She was a sweet woman. She was on duty one night when a Quapaw woman was brought into the hospital. The woman was pregnant with twins and died in childbirth. Gammy Rose decided she wanted those babies, a boy and a girl. The Crazy Bitch was the girl, of course. So her loving husband, Arch, bought them for her. Hey, they were just savages, right? Bought and paid for, and brought them home to her, handed them off, and then went back to work. As the Chief of Police he could do things like that. Especially since he also owned businesses with some of the various mafia bosses who called Hot Springs their home away from home.

I really wish that I had of had the opportunity to take down their stories before they died. They would have been fascinating, I have no doubt. His especially, of course, as he was Chief during the period when Scarface, Lucky Luciano, Al Capone, Bugs Moran and Frank Costello were known to vacation in The Spa City. And from my second-hand stories, gramps was quite happily involved with the whole thing. Well, that and burning down black people’s houses, hanging people under overpasses, and generally terrorizing the populace.

Of course, being a nurse at the ‘swanky’ Levi Hospital during the same time period, I have no doubt Rose had stories of her own to tell. I wonder how many shootouts, bar stabbings and other various and sundry Mafia related wounds she was involved in healing?

A nice woman named Constance Peck sent me information that she found on one of the genealogy websites a few years ago, and I was surprised to learn that gammy Rose was married before. I knew that she married Arch when she was 34 – quite a late marriage at that time. However, Ms. Peck pointed out in her documents that Rose was actually married at 17 to a man named Weekly. And she divorced him! Very scandalous!

Through it all, gammy Rose was the only person to ever show me kindness. And I miss her more than I can say. Happy Birthday, Gammy Rose. I miss you.

Imagine This, or How Big O Tires Roadside Assistance Is No Assistance!

Oy. What next??

Black Hawk, Colorado is gambling central around here, and my housemate, Linda, works for one of the casinos up there as a Security Manager. From the weather channel, you probably know that the weather here really stinks. Snow, ice, wind. Fun.

So, Linda gets to work tonight and she has a flat. Oy. Well, she just bought brand new all-weather tires from Big O Tires, and they have Roadside Assistance so that should be no problem, right? Well, no not so much . . .

Picture this: You are standing on the side of the road, up to your knees in snow, it is blowing and icy and freezing and dark and you are freaking miserable . . . You call for Roadside Assistance, and this is what you get: You must have your Big O Tires invoice for the purchase of eligible tires available at the time of the call.  So you are standing there, with your invoice in your safe at home, where it belongs, all safe, and without it? You are piss out of luck. No Roadside Assistance for you, SUCKAH!!!!!!

 WHAT? They don’t keep records so that you can get Roadside Assistance without having all of your paperwork on you? When you are stuck on the side of the road? You have GOT to be kidding me! You have to give them invoice numbers, dates, and without it, you are stuck there on the side of the road, in the dark, alone, waiting for a psycho to come along, grab and savage and murder you. What a great deal Big O Roadside Assistance is!

So, I called up the really nice guy that owns Black Hawk Towing and I will spend the $70.00 to have him do it for her in the morning. At least she made it to her parking garage, where she was safe and warm, instead of being trapped on the side of the road like she could have been. She is warm and dry and doing her job until 7AM when the tow truck will arrive to change the tire and send her back home safe and sound.

What I can NOT understand is how Big O can think that this is OK? If she really was stuck on the side of the road, how can they not have access in their systems to the information they need in order to provide the assistance that they supposedly offer their customers?

Do you keep invoices in your glove box? Or do you keep them at home, in your files? Is it unreasonable to expect Roadside Assistance to provide their assistance without having a tire purchase invoice in your hand at the time you call, or should they have that information available in their systems?

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