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The General’s Daughter – Paramount, 1999

The General's Daughter PosterThere’s the right way, the wrong way, and the Army way.

Horrifying. Sickening. The General’s Daughter  is all that and more. This may be a John Travolta flick, (read, normally lighthearted and slightly goofy) but this movie is gut-wrenching. We listen to reports of the treatment women face in the military every day. But this movie is a devastating example of exactly how brutal, how disgusting, the treatment of women by their military peers truly can be.

Warr. Off. Paul Brenner (played by Travolta) meets Captain Campbell one night when he has a flat tire and she stops to loan him a tire iron. She is gorgeous, brilliant, and works for Psy Ops. The next time he sees her, she is staked out on the ground, naked, brutalized, raped and murdered.

But this isn’t the first time horror has struck Captain Campbell.

Seven years ago, the General’s Daughter, Captain Elizabeth Campbell, was on a huge night-time field op. A field op where Elizabeth was taken down, stripped, staked out on the ground, and raped nearly to death. Found barely alive the next day, she is treated for STDs, pregnancy, and a body nearly crushed from the beatings and rapes she suffered at the hands of a gang of those she should have felt safe with – her own colleagues.

The Army’s response?

“Better one unreported and one unvindicated rape than to shake the foundations of West Point.”

Yeah. That. We now know that these things happen, and they still happen, whether we know it or not. These male soldiers, the ones who claim to fight to protect us all, including women, are the very ones who commit atrocities of the most horrific kind. And feel justified in doing so.


If you haven’t seen the movie, it is on Amazon Prime.

I highly recommend it. It has good reviews and bad. As one reviewer put it in her 2002 review:

When you see such a polarisation of opinions on a book or a film, you actually see a good work because it is making people think. This movie does that and yes, provokes violent extremes in how people perceive it.

The plot point between Travolta and Madeliene Stowe (Warr. Off. Sara Sunhill) is forced and unnecessary, it drags down the overall serious flow of the movie, but at the time I suppose they thought Travolta needed a romantic aspect. Meh. It was poorly done. Clarence Williams III (yes, THAT CWIII) as the General’s aide is one cold bastard, and the amazing James Cromwell is an even colder, harder, self-aggrandizing General. A  terrible, terrible horrible person. “Close your eyes. It never happened. It never, ever happened.” 

As if a woman can ever forget.


Pacific Rim – A Movie Review

Pacific Rim PosterI admit it.. I am addicted to Pacific Rim running in the background when I am working. All graphics and testosterone, PR sits solidly in the field of Godzilla meets Battleship with a strong vein of what is happening in the world today. The population of Earth fights off ‘Aliens’ with battle armor and a giant “Wall being built to keep out Aliens” (sound familiar?). It doesn’t work any better than the one planned by “The Hairdo” of course. (Ron Perlman as Hannibal Chau reminds me of ‘The Hairdo’)Still of Ron Perlman in Pacific Rim (2013)Still of Rinko Kikuchi in Pacific Rim (2013)

And Rinko Kikuchi as Mako Mori is a kickass little heroine – not too strong, not too weak, really just right.

Written and produced by Guillermo del Toro, this is very much a Hellboy style entry to his category rather than Pan’s Labyrinth – something that has the “magical realism” crowd totally up in arms. So, keep this in mind if you watch it.

The Strain (The Strain Trilogy, #1)My first introduction to Mr. del Toro was The Strain series, and from there I branched out to his other written works, and his movies as well. I own both Hellboy and Hellboy2. I would love to read Guillermo del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities, but it isn’t at my library and I can’t afford the $26.99 for the Kindle edition, or over $40 for the paper version, thanks to Harper Collins being shitheads about pricing their books, so I will just have to wait until I can find a library edition! It is by Guillermo and Marc Zicree (another favorite of mine) so I will keep my eye out.

If you want good graphics, an interesting sci-fi story line, and a dose of de Toro, well, enjoy!


Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe’m watching Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe on Netflix. What a wonderful movie, and how heartbreaking… Watching the scene where the KKK is whipping Big George in front off the Whistle Stop Cafe. This stuff really happened — Frank beating Ruth and kicking her down the stairs while she is pregnant, then trying to steal her child. The KKK, hatred and bigotry, and horrific, cruel, evil things happening.

But good people as well. Smokey Lonesome, Idgie and Ruth, Sipsie, all the wonderful characters (well, except for the Georgia cop, but then I got a huge kick out of him eating the BBQ! I wanted him busted over the head with a shovel and dumped in a hole…)

Bemoaning the lack of good movies out there I was happy to see this on Netflix. And I truly don’t see this as a “chick flick” – anyone with a conscious should be watching this film. Especially as things, for all the ways they have changed, have a spooky way of staying the same…


OK, It Is Weird Night . . .

I just can’t read tonight. Everything goes wonky, sometimes, and I can’t focus. Pft. So, a one of my handmade quilts and my favorite chair, a pot of hot Darjeeling tea, low lights, and stupid movies.

Sometimes, I just have to watch “weird” stuff. First, I watched Asteroid vs Earth. Yes, it’s embarrassing…. but in a way? Not so much. An African American gay soldier and his estranged white lover, an oriental young kid facing off against an old military guy (Robert Davi), Tia Carrere as a geoscientist who saves the world, and Tim Russ as a submarine  commander (He has come so far down from Star Trek that he actually gets killed part way through the movie). Believe me, this is no stunning SciFi tour de force. But it was far from being one of the worst of the true stinkers I have watched!

Now? (Drumroll please) Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies! HA!! Well, the guy really does look like the photos of Lincoln I have seen, I will give him that. This is SO Bad!!!! ROFL

Oh, and making Ulysses Grant out to be an absolute idiot? Pissed me off . . . but then, the Pat Garrett speech was hysterical, so there ya go!

But it is so bad, it is like watching a train wreck . . . you just can’t turn away. 🙂

I guess I should watch Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, huh?

Hum… I wonder if they are going to make Pride and Prejudice and Zombies into a bad D movie?? (Grin)

Katherine and Humphrey – Stunning

The African QueenI just watched The African Queen on Encore. I had forgotten how very much I enjoyed it. Katherine Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart blow modern actors out of the water. Think about it. 1951. No computers, no CGI. Torrential rains during filming that made the actors and crew deathly ill. All guts, and all glory. It’s 1914, and Katherine, playing prim and proper Rose, the sister of a missionary in the wilds of Eastern Africa when she meets Humphrey, playing gin swilling Charles, owner and captain of the riverboat, the African Queen. As WWI is breaking out, Rose’s brother dies during a raid by German soldiers and Rose is left alone until Charles returns down the river and loads her onto his boat to escape the Germans who are kidnapping the Africans and burning their villages (bad Germans! No tea for YOU!)

What follows is a classic, as Rose finds her backbone, and her sense of adventure, and Charlie discovers that he truly is more than just another drunken sailor, living life easy and breezy up and down the river. It is exciting in the most original way possible – two incredible actors doing everything themselves, facing weather, rapids, hippos and crocodiles, along with huge swarms of mosquitoes so large and devastating that they can drive animals to maddened stampedes.

If you haven’t watched it, believe me. Old school kicks ASS!!!! And with Katherine and Humphrey? This will always be one of my very favorite classic movies, right up there with To Kill A Mockingbird.

Jessica Henwick Cast as Nymeria on Game of Thrones Season 5

jessicaCongratulations Jessica!

Mark Henwick’s Daughter Jessica Henwick Cast as Nymeria (“Nym”) Sand on Game of Thrones – Season 5!

Nym Sand is the second eldest of the late Prince Oberyn’s bastard daughters. Her mother was an Eastern noblewoman who brought Nym up to be cultured, graceful and deadly with a whip.

Jessica Henwick is an English born actress. She is best know for her role as Bo in the television series Spirit Warriors, and Amy Lang in Silk.


Review: M. Night Shyamalan’s “The Happening”

“Sir, we lost contact.”
“With whom?”


I admit it. M. Night Shyamalan scares the beejezus out of me. I have watched, and actually own a few of his movies. The Sixth Sense, Unbreakable  and Signs are all on my DVD movie shelf. I have The Last Airbender on my list to watch, as I really enjoyed the animated series. I will watch his others, I just don’t really watch television all that much right now.

The Happening is only a 90-minute flick, and it was a good way to wake up this evening when I crawled out of bed. Sometimes, when I have had trouble sleeping it takes me a while to get truly conscious, so tea and a muffin and a movie are sometimes the perfect way to wake up.

I didn’t even really recognize that this was a Shyamalan film until I actually opened it up in my movie rental list. Bless Dish’s little heart for offering a great list of free movies!

The Happening may not be one of Shyamalan’s best, but it certainly isn’t his worst. Not as bone-chilling as some of the others, what starts out as what is thought to be a terrorist attack becomes something much more, as humans begin slaughtering themselves in Central Park. The contagion spreads across the east coast, attacking smaller and smaller populations, until nearly the whole population is extinct.

Shyamalan has created a tight film, set within a short time period, which addresses the human depredation of the Earth – and the Earth’s capability to fight back. I got a huge kick out of it! I loved the idea of the Earth finally saying Enough! If you like Shyamalan’s odd, quirky style and a film which addresses our carelessness towards this beautiful blue planet we are blessed with, give this movie a try. It didn’t get really good reviews in a lot of places, but we can’t all like the same things, right? It isn’t Signs but it is a great little movie for what it is – one of the earlier works of a brilliant man.

Photo courtesy of IMDb

About M. Night Shyamalan

When you say fear of the unknown, that is the definition of fear; fear is the unknown, fear is what you do not know, and it’s genetically within us so that we feel safe. We feel scared of the woods because we’re not familiar with it, and that keeps you safe.

Born in India but raised in the posh suburban Penn Valley area of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, M. Night Shyamalan is the son of two doctors. His passion for filmmaking began when he was given a Super-8 camera at age eight, and even at that young age began to model his career on that of his idol, Steven Spielberg. His first film, Praying with Anger (1992), was based somewhat on his own trip back to visit the India of his birth. He raised all the funds for this project, in addition to directing, producing and starring in it. Wide Awake (1998), his second film, he wrote and directed, and shot it in the Philadelphia-area Catholic school he once attended–even though his family was of a different religion, they sent him to that school because of its strict discipline.

– IMDb Mini Biography By: <>



Socialjazzdude over at Amazon posted the following information, which had me jumping up and down and giggling like a six-year-old:

While disregarding the abomination of JJ Abram’s films, Star Trek’s Walter Koenig (Chekov, TOS), as well as Star Trek Voyager’s Tim Russ (Tuvok, ST Voyager) and Robert Picardo (The doctor,ST Voyager) , are currently in the process of creating a pilot for a new soon to released Star Trek television pilot, ST Renegades. It takes place in the original timeline/universe and is set several years after Voyager’s return to the Alpha quadrant. It also will introduce new characters including a descendant of Khan. Please take a moment to check out their website, official Facebook page, and both trailers on Youtube. Unlike Abrams and Orci; Koenig, Picardo, and Russ are people who know and get Star Trek. This pilot is currently on schedule to be pitched to CBS in the fall 2014. Check it out and LLAP! “

Of course, as a huge Star Trek fan, I checked it out, and so should you!

Click to check out the new Star Trek franchise!


 And take a look at all the WOMEN who star in Renegades! Just a small sample:

Adrienne Wilkinson as Captain Lexxa Singh
Sean Young as Dr. Lucien


Tarah Paige as Commander Petrona
Chasty Ballesteros as Ronara
Larissa Gomes as T’Leah










And for all you MYTHBUSTERS FANS out there (of which I am DEFINITELY ONE!)

Grant Imahara as Lt. Masaru!!!!



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