Jennifer is one of the brightest young ladies I have met online. She is running a Kickstarter to get her work further out there in the blogosphere, and I wanted to help! Young & Twenty project video thumbnail

About this project

Young & Twenty is not a Fashion, Beauty or Makeup Blog. I say that with no disrespect. I say that with the promise that your well-appreciated funds will go towards spreading a positive message of struggle and triumph as opposed to clothing and looks.

What Is Your Money Going Towards?

  • Creating and hosting 2 websites is not easily affordable. Both sites have been upgraded and EASEL was designed with premium features in order to offer the best security + functionality. So first and foremost, funds will go to the simple fact of keeping Young & Twenty + EASEL alive and growing!
  • Should funds still remain – there are so many possibilities to grow and further build my brand and it’s purpose into what I know it can be.
  • The Story Behind Young & Twenty + EASEL

    I’m a twenty-four year old girl who has taken to the Internet to turn my quotes of love, life & self-discovery into art. We connect to the same words in different ways and the results have proven to be a great representation of that. The same quotes are often designed by different artists, making their interpretations of my simple words, truly incredible to see.

    To learn more you have to visit and explore my two sites yourself!

My honest pieces of writing about surviving my early twenties quickly gained an audience. now has 7,500 subscribers and hundreds of comments, from like-minded people finding truth in my words.

Young & Twenty goes beyond a blog. I’ve opened up to discussing mental health, body image and so many rare yet such important topics. Positivity fills my site and social media networks thanks to the supportive people
I’ve gotten to meet throughout the experience.

With 7,000 subscribers – my Instagram account (the original platform for EASEL) includes 100’s of pieces that are my quotes taken and designed by other artists. View all pieces at easelbyyoungandtwenty.comQuotes are free to be designed multiple times, making the comparison of pieces truly amazing to see.

The Young & Twenty brand has now gained a following of 25,000 subscribers. That number is growing, daily. So please come help raise awareness about a less than perfect mind. Your support is greatly appreciated.


Risks and challenges

Young & Twenty is being built into a brand. This makes possibilities endless which comes as both an advantage and a risk. This project will not stop until I do and I think it’s clear that I have no intention of letting that happen.

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