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Went to Barnes and Noble…., so, as promised, I am here to tell you about the new Nook Samsung Galaxy Tab I checked out yesterday at B&N.

As expected, the screen is smaller, 7″ to my Nook HD+ 9″ screen. I don’t care for that, as I spend so much time reading I really like the larger screen, but the clarity actually made up for not having as much room on the screen, so that was a positive.

There are a TON of things that you can do with the Galaxy – reading, of course, but also photography from both a front and back camera, Skype, the list goes on and on. For me, there is a lot of functionality I really won’t ever use…. I don’t even own a cell phone!  But then again, let’s look at it this way. The Galaxy is $179. Plus, members of B&N save 10%.  You still get the Nook service, which is AWESOME….. AND you get $200 in free content (though I could care less about magazines, which is a big part of it, for some that would be perfectly perfect. And then there is the $5.00 “Starter Credit” so it winds up being an awesome deal……

The thing is, they aren’t going to be offering the HD+ any longer – according to Jan at the store, B&N is getting totally out of the tablet business – but they will still offer the customer service on the Galaxy so it shouldn’t make a difference. (?) I typed HD+ into the search menu online just now, and the Galaxy Tab came up, not the HD+, so there ya go.

I got a replacement, under warranty, on my HD+ 36GB, just as promised, and am pleased – but this is the second replacement I have had for battery/charging issues, so there is that. When the HD+ warranty expires I am afraid I will be out of luck anyway. It will be just another electronic brick if this happens again. Dog frustrated with navigating website

Jan did tell me that the rumor is that they will come out with the 10″ display Galaxy at the end of October. . .

Now, the Galaxy Tab 7 at Amazon is $179, but it doesn’t have the free content or the optimization for Nook. The Galaxy Tab 10 at Amazon is right around $320.  The 7 is MUCH more affordable, and as the pricing is the same between Amazon and B&N I would expect the 10 to be about $320 as well. That is a LOT of money for tech I would probably never use. What I do use is movies, audio books, eBooks (of course! ROFLMAO!) Internet . . . well, that’s about it… Oh, and the occasional game, but I get bored with games and though I own a few that I got as “freebies” I don’t remember the last game I actually played other than the “game” of doing the crossword puzzle.

I won one of those little Kindles (you know the one, the 6″) and you know what? I can’t even turn the pages in the books I loaded! I.e., the darn thing is pretty much what I call OBS (Old, Busted Stuff) Pft. Electronics – they get thrown away more than Kleenex! Frustrating.

So. I looked back, seems that this HD replacement lasted since July. I don’t know quite what to do right now, but I am leaning toward making this thing work for as long as possible. Yes, the deal is great on the Galaxy right now, but that 7″ screen is a turn off. Jan will call me when she hears anything about the 10″ unit, but I just can’t see paying that much money for a tablet that does so much, when I really don’t need that much…. just the bigger screen for ease of reading.

What do you think? Opinions? Thoughts? Smart comments? Dumb comments? I’m open to it all! hysterical laugh


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