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New Release Book Blast From Words Turn Me On – Hybrid Mates by Nicole Austin

I got a note from Donna McGuinness at Words Turn Me On (and how cool is that name?) with a new release book blast I am passing along. I know nothing about the author, but in the spirit of helping other struggling “Book Pushers” I thought I would pass it along.

☆¸.•*¨*★♡ NOW LIVE♡¸.•*¨*★☆

       ¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)

   (¸.•´ ¸¸.•*¨*•*´¨)

SIX STORIES in one book!! (Click the pic to check it out!)

Merry Christmas, Kitten

Sirena Petra wants one thing for Christmas—an orgasm. And sex toy expert Kenyon Fort has exactly what the lion shifter needs to find more than just her happy place.

My Valentine Lovers

All I want for Valentine’s Day is to get barbed by a feline shifter and act out a few of the naughty twin fantasies getting me hot and bothered.

My Kind Of Lover

Badass biker girl, accountant, lioness shifter—I’m all that and more. And this hybrid wolf thinks he can take me on? Bring it, you sexy beast! I’ve got this.

Sex Me Up

One night at a Paris sex club—no-strings, complications or inhibitions—just lots of fantasy sex. But in the morning I forgot the most important rule. Never run from a feline predator—they live for the chase.

Take Me Home

Going home isn’t easy, but my new stepbrother has me aching for the kind of love my sisters have found. Can I really have it all?

Your One And Only

My day from hell took a delightful turn when I woke up naked next to the most gorgeous man. But he’d bitten me and claimed I was his mate. Oh my!

About the Author:

Nicole Austin lives on the sheltered Gulf Coast of Florida, where inspiration can be found sitting under a big shade umbrella on the beach, sipping cold margaritas. A voracious reader, she never goes anywhere without a book, but started looking for something more. Something hotter.

A passion for erotic romance led to Nicole’s creation of sizzling characters and boundary pushing stories. Now she lives in an incredible world where fantasy comes to life in bold, vivid detail. Well, until real life intrudes and she has to share the computer with the rest of the family.

Visit Nicole’s website:

Email Nicole:


Twitter: @NicoleAustin1

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Two Libby Austin Books – On Sale Now!!!


Release Day! Icebreaker: Wild Women of Alaska, #4 By Tiffinie Helmer


by Tiffinie Helmer
Series: Wild Women of Alaska, #4
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: November 12, 2014



Join the Facebook Party on Wednesday, November 12th from 7:30pm-9:30pm to celebrate the release of Icebreaker.


He’ll have to turn up the heat in order to melt her heart…

Logan Slade made the biggest mistake of his life eight years ago when he left his high school sweetheart at the altar and reported to the military. Now he’s returned home and ready to do whatever it takes to win her back. But Trixie Frost isn’t the same starry-eyed girl who believed he could do no wrong. Now she’s stronger, independent, and more fascinating than any other woman he’s ever met.

Trixie has spent the last eight years trying to forget Logan while devoting her life to the quirky town of North Pole, Alaska. She’s in a good place, dating a nice man and ready to take the next step in their relationship until Logan walks into her bar and turns her life upside down again.

This sexy, determined, military version of Logan is a bigger threat to her than the boy she’d loved to distraction. She can’t let him chip away at the protective wall of ice erected around her heart. Because there’s no way she’ll be able to put the pieces back a second time.


“I don’t want you here,” Trixie said.

“Too bad,” Logan said. “I’m not leaving.”

“Why are you so adamant about that? I know you, Logan. You leave, remember? It’s what you’re good at.”

“Once. I left once. I’m not leaving again.”

“Your ‘once’ was eight years long.”

“I know. It took me a while to understand what I really wanted. You are what I want.”

“Well, you can’t have me. I’m not available.”

A chill slid over him. “You married to someone else?”

“I don’t have to be with someone to be unavailable,” she finished.




Buy the Other Books in the Series


Book 1: Reel Trouble


Book 2: Bushwacked


Book 3: Fireweed



USA Today Bestselling Author Tiffinie Helmer is always up for a gripping adventure. Raised in Alaska, she was dragged ‘Outside’ by her husband, but escapes the lower forty-eight to spend her summers commercial fishing on the Bering Sea.

A mother of four, Tiffinie divides her time between enjoying her family, throwing her acclaimed pottery, and writing of flawed characters in unique and severe situations.


Newsletter Sign-up: Tiffinie’s Street Team: Tiff’s Wild Readers





Blog Tour! Crypt Keeper by K.A. Young


Crypt Keeper
by K.A. Young
Molly Maddison #1
Publication Date: October 21, 2014
Genres: Dark, Fantasy

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Crypt Keeper Cover


Book 1 in the Molly Maddison series

Molly Maddison grew up in a funeral home that unfortunately backed up to the largest Insane Asylum in the state. Very few understand what happens after death, Molly does. While other children were playing in the park with their living friends, Molly was in the cemetery playing with the dead. To say she is troubled is an understatement.

Now Molly has a new plan, to attempt to lead a normal life, and ban the contact with any of the dead. Realizing that she is madly in love with one of them was never part of that plan. However neither life or death ever go as planned and Molly is called upon to perform her role as the family Crypt Keeper…

Is she up for the task? Only time will tell.

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About the Author

KA Young

K.A. Young is a paranormal/fantasy romance author that lives with her family in the South. She began writing because her mind was swimming with incredible stories that were begging to be told. Her love for reading began as a small child when she realized that a good book was an instant escape to a mystical land that could be reached anytime and from anyplace.

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Blog Tour: Forgiving Reed by C.A. Harms

ForgivingReed RDL Banner

Forgiving Reed
by C.A. Harms
Southern Boys #1
Publication Date: October 13, 2014
Genres: Contemporary, Romance

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Forgiving Reed Cover


Kori suffered a great loss, one that left her feeling so desolate and alone, that she believed nothing would ever fill the void…
The only thing that kept her going was the one little piece of joy she still had in her life, her baby boy, Rhett.
She had no choice but to move forward and give her son the best life she could. Which meant moving back home.
Except there was one problem
Home was where Reed would be…
The man who once held her heart, then shattered it into a million pieces.
Grieving the loss of Rhett’s dad, and learning to forgive those who have betrayed her, Kori was battling it all.
But will she ever have the strength to forgive Reed?

EXCERPT- Forgiving Reed by C.A. Harms

I took a deep breath and rang the doorbell. Almost immediately Diesel began to bark and Rhett grew excited. I could hear Reed’s deep voice trying to calm Diesel. The moment the door came open and that gorgeous smile spread out across his lips, all the nervous energy disappeared.

“Hey you, come here, little man.” Reed held his hands out to Rhett and in no time at all my son was lunging for him. Rhett griped Reed’s shirt tightly and kicked his legs as he looked down at the big dog that was spastically wagging his tail. A loud squeal escaped Rhett when Diesel barked, the sight was one I would always have etched in my mind.

If you would have asked me six months ago if I would be falling for Reed, I would have laughed. I promised myself I would never go there again. Once a cheater always a cheater. Right? Now here I was standing in his doorway, while he held my son close and tickled his tummy. I could see the adoration in Reed’s eyes as he looked at Rhett. I had to accept that he had changed. Reed was no longer that selfish young boy. He had changed, things had happened that forced him to grow.

“You gonna come inside?” Reed tilted his head toward the house and I took a step in through the doorway. His house was beautiful, and surprisingly clean. It was nothing like I expected. It had that homey feeling, the one that you get when you walked in to a place you belong.

I could feel Reed against my back as he stepped up behind me. “It feels good having you here, both of you.” He kissed my head softly and nudged me forward.

“Thanks for inviting us.” I spoke softly still not trusting my voice. I had mixed emotions right now. It felt so right to be here with him, yet I felt guilty for that. Was I moving too fast?

We decided to stay in and make something to eat. A movie on the big screen was the plan. It felt so natural for Rhett to be hobbling around the kitchen while Reed and I made dinner. Diesel was attached to my little guy’s hip. It really was the sweetest thing. If Rhett stopped walking, Diesel sat back on his hind legs next to him and waiting patiently. The moment Rhett was on the move again, Diesel jumped to follow close behind.

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About the Author

C.A. Harms

C.A. Harms is like any other addicted reader. She enjoys happy endings and HEA love stories. She hasn’t always been a lover of Romance and had once been addicted to a good Mystery. Just recently she has taken on a new liking and now is a full blown Romance novel addict.

She lives in Illinois and enjoys spending time with her husband and two children. You will always find her with her kindle or paperback in hand as it is her favorite pass time.

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Book Plug Promo: Solomon’s Choice – Emily Mims

18657217I received this book from the publisher in return for a realistic review, and as I promised the review I am going to write it. Though I have to admit, had I not promised, I wouldn’t write one at all. This book brought out a very visceral, very pissed-off vibe in me that really made me want to scream and throw the book across the room. The thing is, that is a personal reaction to the situation in the book, not really a comment on the author or the story, so it isn’t really fair to dump that out there. Maybe she was trying to point out the unfairness of the justice system? Nah, I really think she thought that the male should have the rights the courts gave him – and that is just wrong on so many levels. No matter, really. Although I found the situation Carolyn finds herself in absolutely deplorable, at least one reviewer shares my views, so be that as it may, let’s get on with it.

First, Dr. Caroline Stern. This poor woman has gone through hell, literally. Her husband murdered and her child stolen in the same attack, she suffers for eighteen-months having no idea where her baby is or if he is alive or dead. Devastated at all the loss, she loses herself in her work until, one day, she receives the call – the call that she had hoped, and dreaded, to receive. Yes, they have found her son – and yes, he is alive! Dropping everything, she and her attorney drive off into the night to bring her son home.

Ah, but there is the rub. For the person who has her son is actually the sperm donor she and her husband never meant to use to produce baby Isaac. Jack had thought he had donated his sperm to a surrogate to produce a child of his own for him and his wife to raise. Going to pick up the baby, they had no idea that the child he obtained was indeed made with his sperm, but wasn’t his to have. He was a stolen child. The sperm sample was switched, the donor Carolyn thought she used wasn’t the one she was infused with – it didn’t belong to the donor she and her husband chose. It was Jack’s.

OK, here is where my review gets rough. Jack is an unmitigated shit. He has no redeeming qualities other than the fact that he apparently loves the boy who carries half his DNA. Finding out that this Isaac is actually the child of Caroline and NOT the child carried by the surrogate he had chosen (who had chosen to keep the child she bore herself and not turn him over to Jack, smart woman) he is nasty, vindictive, and vicious to Carolyn. Even when she tries to work with him to arrange visitation, allowing him time with a child he has no right to, simply because he is the sperm donor, he STILL fights her for full custody!!! Uh, not really a loveable guy. In fact, I wanted to cut his throat more than I wanted him to have ANY access to a child. Anyone as nasty and self-centered as him really didn’t deserve to have access to any child, much less a stolen one.

Then there is the whole Amber Alert – you can’t tell me that, with all the pleas for help, the pictures on television of Isaac, a very distinctive child, the heart wrenching story of a man shot to death trying to keep kidnappers from stealing his child, that nobody recognized the child in the photos as the boy now called Ryan? Really?? People, he was only TWO hours away!

Overall, the book hit all my hot buttons about the unfairness of the situation. She carried Isaac through nine months of discomfort, went through hours of agony to have him, gave him the best possibly life with loving parents – then her husband is shot to death in front of her and her baby stolen – and she could have him ripped from her by the courts simply because Jack wanked off in a cup then wiled away his time until the baby ‘cooked’ in the womb of a woman he neither knew, or cared about – and yet he wanted to cut her off from all contact with him, because he was his?? Yep. Hot buttons. Big, huge, bright red hot buttons.

Virtual Book Tour: Adelita’s Secret by Christopher Cloud

Adelita's Secret bannerTitle: Adelita’s Secret
Author: Christopher Cloud
Genre: young adult fantasy romance
Format: paperback, kindle

AdelitasSecret_EcoverAbout Adelita’s Secret

Lost in a superficial world of materialism and social status—and ashamed of her Latino heritage—seventeen-year-old Adelita Noé is loved by two men, two men separated by a hundred years and vastly different stations in life. One man owns little more than the shirt on his back. The other, a poet at heart, is heir to a vast fortune. Their love for Adelita serves as the backdrop for the Latino girl’s quest to better understand herself and her Mexican roots.b&n


amazonBig amazon-caamazonUK

On Self-Publishing:

Q: What are the biggest challenges you have faced with self-publishing?
To be honest, I have not experienced any problems, although my humble marketing strategy can never hope to compete with traditional publishers. I assembled a six-person team that I have used for each of my novels: photographer, graphic artist, formatter, website specialist, publicist, and editor. Editing remains the biggest challenge.
Q: What surprised you about the self-publishing process?
The ease of the process.
Q: Right now there is a stigma attached to self-published authors, that just because you can pay for the book to be published doesn’t mean you are a qualified author. Do you think self-publishing will ever become a respected industry?
For me, self-publishing has been a rewarding experience. Between Dec. 1, 2012 and March 20, 2013, I sold nearly a 1,000 copies of my third novel, a middle-grade story titled “A Boy Called Duct Tape.” By traditional standards, that probably isn’t that many books, but for me it is a home run. I continue to believe that a good story will always make its mark in the literary marketplace. And yes, I believe self-publishing will find its rightful place in literature within the next two years. The industry is changing at warp speed.
Q: What is your advice to authors who decide to self-publish?
Roll up your sleeves and do it! Your expenses should run anywhere from $2,000 to $3,000 depending on the length of your book, the complexity of your cover, etc. I live in Joplin, Missouri, and the cost of these services is low. If you live in New York City, your costs will be much higher.

cloudAbout Christopher Cloud

Award-winning author Christopher Cloud began writing fiction full time at the age of 66 after a long career in journalism and public relations. He writes middle-grade and young adult novels. Chris graduated from the University of Missouri in 1967 with a degree in journalism. He has worked as a reporter, editor, and columnist at newspapers in Texas, California, and Missouri. He was employed by a major oil company as a public relations executive, and later operated his own public relations agency. Chris lives in Joplin, Missouri, and enjoys golf and hiking.

Self-Publishing Journey a Home Run for Author Chris Cloud

Christopher Cloud author of the award winning young adult novel, A Boy Called Duct Tape releases his latest young adult love story, Adelita’s Secret. He shares with us his journey on the self-publishing process, his successes, surprises and his home run.


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