The Criers ClubComing up on FOUR YEARS post Cancer, when I saw this book on my email I immediately added it to my reading list. Now, I won’t read it right away (I have to be in the right mindset to read “tearjerkers) but It sounds like it might be a wonderful book for ‘literary tearjerker lovers!

The Criers Club

Adam Spencer, a happily married 37 year-old father of two young boys, has everything he wants. A successful business, a beautiful home, two cars in the garage, and a dog. What he doesn’t want is to die. But Adam doesn’t have a say in the matter. He just found out he has brain cancer.

Troubled by his newly-discovered death sentence, Adam joins a support group for the terminally ill. There, he meets six strangers who are struggling to cope with their own impending demises.

When one member of the group dies, leaving behind an unfulfilled dream, the others realize just how limited their time is. Now, as the youngest member nears the end of his short life, they become determined to make sure the boy’s dream comes true before it’s too late. Together, they embark on a road trip that will teach them all what it means to live, and to die.