I have had to laugh lately at the rising prices of “Name Publishers” books. With the plethora of truly well written books out there by Indie Authors I no longer even consider buying the “Big Name” authors. That is what libraries are for. Their books are just too expensive for my budget. Besides, why spend a small fortune on their books when authors like Mark Henwick, Michael Angel, Susan Bliler, Celia Kyle, and many many others put out exceptional books at reasonable prices? Besides that, what possible reason, other than price gouging, can one use to justify this sort of thing? Observe:

Stephen King’s

Mr. Mercedes

Kindle $12.99  Paperback $10.40

Mr. Mercedes (Bill Hodges Trilogy, #1)

Yep. $2.59 MORE for the Kindle edition than the Print Edition. The print edition requires paper, ink, cover materials, shipping and handling. And yet, you pay MORE for the Kindle edition that has none of these inherent costs.

So, anyway…

I was reading my mail this morning, and came across a email from Bookgorilla.com. If you haven’t found the site before, I highly recommend it.

The email led me to an article entitled, “Kindle Store eBook Prices Are Rising … Or Are They?” The article includes a link to a spreadsheet of the Price Breakdown of the Amazon Top 100 Bestsellers as of today, October 7.

What I found was surprising – but then again, not. One thing that tickled my fancy is the severe drop in “Name Published” books on the Top 100 List.

“In our (Bookgorilla.com) January 2013 analysis, 58% of the Top 50 bestsellers were published by the big traditional publishers, and that figure has since declined to 38%. Conversely, 42% of the Top 50 bestsellers were published by indie authors or by Amazon’s own publishing imprints in January 2013, compared with 62% this past weekend.”

In other words, what the big publishers have won in their latest round of contract “victories” over Amazon is the right to price themselves right off the bestseller list.” – Bookgorilla.com, Kindle Store eBook Prices Are Rising … Or Are They?, October 5, 2015 by Steve Windwalker

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 4.25.46 PM
Screen shot by Bookgorilla.com All rights reserved.

Looking at my Library on my Kindle, I find that the Top 100 books in my library (most recent purchases – yes, I have literally hundreds of books on my tablet, rather they be Kindle, B&N, PDF, or other) none of the books cost me more than $5.99. What does that mean for the authors I buy books from? Well, the way I look at it, none of us “Normal People” have a huge supply of cash available for “Entertainment Purchases.” Therefore, pennies are pinched where we can. And having books priced $5.99 and under means that I can buy a lot more Indie books, and review a lot more Indie books, than I ever could buying the books of people like Stephen King, whose books are way outside that $5.99 personal spending limit. And I only have a few of those. The books by my favorite “Big Publishing” authors, such as Ilona Andrews? Ilona and Gordon are with Penguin, hence the $12.99 Kindle tag. Well, that is what Libraries are for! I may have to wait for my turn, but I don’t have to shell out that $13.00 price tag I can’t afford.

Where does my limit lie on the Top 100 Kindle Books List? Well, Life and Other Near-Death Experiences” by Camille Pagán holds the number one spot right now, and lists at $5.99. However, if you are  a member of Kindle First? $1.99. The Mentor by Rita Carla Francesca Monticelli is $5.99 as well, $1.99 on Kindle First. “Life” is published by the Lake Union Publishing small press, while “Mentor” is Amazon Crossing. A couple of the “Names” pop up in the top ten, “Twilight” (Of course. Sigh.) at $12.99 and “The Survivor” by Vince Flynn at $14.99. Well, there are still going to be those who will save their pennies for the higher dollar authors. Rick Riordan comes in at #14 and Lee Child at #16, but John Sanford languishes at #97.

Of course, then there are the Top 100 Free Books! What’s not to like about FREE?! Of course, those are Indie Published – and a great way to catch attention. I can think of several authors I have found through a free book and have continued to read (and pay for) so the whole “Freebie” thing worked out, as far as I am concerned! Now, it is time to go scan the free list and see if I come up with something new!

What are your thoughts? Wanna share?