Thank you, Susan!

I so love working with Leiah Cooper!

Starting out, I figured I’d go it alone. Who needs an editor when you have a college education? Me, that’s who. Most of my negative fan feedback was about my lack of editing. Luckily, Leiah found me and the rest is history.

She’s such an easygoing individual. She experimented with different styles until we found the perfect fit for me, which I love. Most other editing agencies do things their way period. Not Leiah. She finds what suits the author best and works from there. She’s also extremely flexible. If I tell her I’ve got a deadline and need an edit ASAP, she makes it happen. Book reviews are also something she provides and they are phenomenal. Honestly, I’m almost reluctant to write this review. Like a child with a toy, I’m not keen on sharing. J Thanks Leiah for all you do, you’re the best!

About Susan

susanMy pack territory is in North Central Montana. Born and raised in an untamed location that bridges the gap between rolling prairie and majestic mountain peaks, I am born to a family that also bridges the gap between cultures. My father’s people boast a fiercely proud Scottish ancestry while my mother’s tribes descend from two savagely beautiful and unique nations that inspire my Skin Walkers series.

I’m a huge fan of MMA, boxing, hockey, 30 Seconds to Mars, Linkin Park, DMX, the Killers, and 21 Pilots (“sometimes quiet is violent…”). I also love to read because it encourages me to write. ( I always hate it when authors add that they love coffee and chocolate. Really? Who doesn’t love coffee and chocolate?) Anyway, I love beer…kidding. I don’t love beer, but we are engaged in a very serious relationship. (Mom, please don’t call me when you read this.)

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The Skin Walkers Series: The ones with links are edited – the others are coming soon.

King (Skin Walkers, #1)
RedKnife (Skin Walkers, #2)
Conn (Skin Walkers, #5)
Leto (Skin Walkers, #6)
Monroe (Skin Walkers, #7)
York (Skin Walkers, #9)
Gauge (Skin Walkers, #8)


Book 1 – Territory Prequel (Territory, #1)
Book 2 – Territory (Territory, #2)
Book 3 – TerrIIItory (Territory Book 3)