Photos taken this morning in my garden!

Lettuce starts need replanting…
so do these
an heirloom sweet melon, sort of a cross between a muskmelon and a cantaloupe. haven’t tried it yet, but if it is good, i am hoping to gather a lot of seeds!
“fairy melons” – the are somewhat larger than my hand span. Very cute!
a fist sized heirloom pepper from Hungary
Every time we come out Koda sticks his face into the spearmint. Can’t blame him, I do as well!
a striped heirloom tomato from France
Pretty peppers. I have to look up the name on these, but they are heirloom as well
One lousy carrot. The pups and I love fresh carrots, and of a full packet, only 1 came up! will have to plant more. sigh. these weren’t cheap either, a mixed bag of heirlooms from several countries – mixed colours. what do you want to be this one is a plain old orange?
a tiny little cucumber – cute, huh?
look how huge the leaves are on the heirloom melon!
the photo isn’t very clear, but from the left, my mango tree is doing well, and that is spicy oregano in the ot with it. moving left front two cherry trees and an apricot, and behind the two avocados are doing well, and that fan shaped plant is an iris
starting a new bed. you can see the cardboard on the bottom, and those are tree limbs and bark, and grass cuttings I am pouring in. a couple more wheelbarrow loads and i will be able to start covering it with manure and dirt. this bed will be for flower seeds and bulbs I will plant in the fall for spring growth.