hopcross“All the ancient classic fairy tales have always been scary and dark.” -Helena Bonham Carter

I should probably be embarrassed to say this, but here goes. I have never read a graphic novel. I know. Loser, right? But it is something that simply never really interested me. Oh, I read comics when I was a kid. I remember walking to the market when II was able to pull enough pennies together for a comic or two, and I cherished them. But I never really came across a graphic novel whose concept interested me.

When I was offered “Hopcross Jilly” for a review, it was a perfect opportunity to check out the genre and see what I thought with an author whose work I know I like. The fact that it also features Jesse, daughter to Adam Hauptman and step-daughter to Mercy Thompson, was a plus.

I must say, my personal feelings are mixed. That is the problem with building a picture of an authors characters up in your mind over time. If the picture you see, whether on screen or in print is different from what you expect, it can be disappointing. Adam didn’t look anything like I pictured him, though Jesse was a good fit. Mercy? Not so much.

Now the story, I liked that. Jesse has a really hard time in high school. Well, when your father is the Alpha of the local Pack, and the face of werewolves all over, kids can be vicious. Since kids can be more vicious than a school of rabid piranha anyway, add in the fact that your dad is Top Were and your life can be utterly miserable. That only gets worse when the pack finds the bodies of four children – then four more, then four more, and four more –  buried ritualistically on an abandoned farm. And when one of the bodies happens to be the aunt of the Queen Mean Girl in school, things get even worse.

I can’t say the graphic novel format was my favorite way to read the story – but that is personal preference, and has nothing to do with whether it was well done or not – because it really was well done. Anything from Patricia Briggs I can pretty much expect to be exceptional, and the art and storyline are just that. Simply a matter of taste, but if you like graphic novels, I will highly recommend this. I believe she also has other graphic novels out – give them a look if you are a graphic novel buff.

I received Hopcross Jilly from the publisher in exchange for a realistic review. All thoughts are my own.