I visited WordPress today to complain about the issues I have been having with the “New and Improved” editor form.

Imagine my surprise (Not!) when I ran across this forum post:

Posting style HATE new form.

Seems I am not the only unhappy camper out there. . .

There is a poll on the net which asks:

Poll – Would you be satisfied to replace the WordPress Classic editor with the new default editor?

I ran over and took the poll, and reference it in the post I made to the forum.

Just want to say, I and all of my fellow bloggers who I have spoken with HATE HATE HATE HATE the “new and improved” (HA!) form. It is clunky, limited, and nasty to work with. I can’t work within my photos to add links or resize, the tags and categories don’t work, and even the amount of space I have to type in is smaller.

If this is the degree of disrespect you show for your users, I won’t be surprised when someone comes up with bigger, better and badder software to push you out of the business. Especially as this “new” layout seems to be dedicated to forcing your customers to move to wordpress.org.

I took the poll – and I find it humorous that WordPress finds the poll:

“The so-called poll is not conducted by wordpress.com and it is biased and irrelevant.” If it WAS posted by WordPress, then I would Expect it to be biased and irrelevant.

The question is:

“Poll – Would you be satisfied to replace the WordPress Classic editor with the new default editor?”

No. I hate the new editor. It’s defective. It should be scrapped. (77.1% agree – 2480 responses)

Never. I love the Classic editor and it works for my professional website. (16.3% – 523 responses)

No. I want to be able to choose and keep both editors active. (6% agree – 195 responses)

Yes. I like the new editor. (9 votes – statistical absence of relevance)

I don’t care. Whatever. (9 votes – statistical absence of relevance)

I only found the poll when I came here to complain about the new editor, but this a clear question, with clear responses.

Is there a possibility you will listen to your customers, or will you continue to force them over to wordpress.org?

So – here is the question. If enough people take the poll, do you think it will do any good?


Their answer?

We have known since March 18th, 2015 that the link to the classic editor will not be provided in the new Beep Beep Boop editor.

You do not have to use the new Beep Beep Boop editor.

If you are solution orientated you can use the classic editor right now to create and edit posts and pages. And, you can still use the old stats pages too. See here for how to do that Navigating the Classic WordPress.COM interface

Well, it isn’t like I expected anything different, right? Customers just have to go through multiple steps to post, rather than being able to click “New Post” like we used to be able to. SURPRISE!