michaelThe incredible Michael Angel was nice enough to send me the following recommendation, and I am thrilled beyond words!

Thank you, Michael!

There’s an old story about a medieval architect who was asked to demonstrate his skill: in answer, he drew a circle so perfect that it seemed as though it was drawn using a compass. He was hired on the spot to design the town’s cathedral.

In a sense, that’s how I came to work with Leiah Cooper.

While reviewing one of my novels, she unearthed a half-dozen errors in a manuscript that had been through multiple levels of review. An entire team of editors on a publisher’s payroll and a group of beta-readers missed what she found.

When you hire Leiah Cooper, you don’t just hire an editor. You hire an expert.

Manuscript flaws, particularly in the sample that gives many readers a first taste of your work, are devastating to your sales. Hiring Leiah is an investment that will pay off for you many times over, and as an added bonus, she’s wonderful to work with as well.

  • Michael Angel, Author of the Bestselling Centaur of the Crime

Hi! Me again.  These are just a few of Michael’s books – the ones that I have on my bookshelf. You can see my reviews for the first three here on my site, I am reading The Detective and the Unicorn right now, and Strangelets is on my list!