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Anyone who follows or knows me knows that I had two extremely hard years after being diagnosed with Stage III Breast Cancer. The cancer could have killed me, but for a while there I was pretty sure that the treatments are what would REALLY kill me! Hence, my encouragement for you to purchase this book. ALL proceeds go to the V Foundation for Cancer Research!

Below is the blurb for the book.

For millions, there is no word that inspires more fear. It is about time to give some payback. Enter a cadre of talented authors with a common purpose: to SCARE cancer to death.

Okay, the premise may seem silly, but the truth is that these writers have all given their stories freely in hopes that you will be enticed to come check out this anthology. Every penny generated will be given in a quarterly check to the The V Foundation for Cancer Research. So, when you purchase this book, you are tossing your hat in the ring with people who are out to eradicate a killer that has touched far too many lives.

Join us, and Let’s Scare Cancer to Death!

by T.W. Brown (Goodreads Author), Mark Tufo (Goodreads Author), Heath Stallcup (Goodreads Author), J. Thorn (Goodreads Author), Gregory Carrico (Goodreads Author), Eli Constant (Goodreads Author), Claire C. Riley (Goodreads Author), Armand Rosamilia (Goodreads Author) , Catie Rhodes (Goodreads Author), Rhonda Hopkins (Goodreads Author), T. Fox Dunham (Goodreads Author