While I was going through my cancer treatments, I did all the “Western Medicine” stuff. ATC chemotherapy. Radiation therapy too. The ATC caused internal bleeding, heart damage, and a full year in bed, unable to walk or do anything else without help. The radiation was a breeze after the ATC. But I also did acupuncture and  acupressure for the pain (and believe me, there is pain like you could not believe), as well as aromatherapy, vitamins and supplements, and massage. My Oncologist, Dr. Kovachy, is brilliant at what she does, but she is also quite comfortable with the use of all sorts of natural treatments like acupuncture in conjunction with chemotherapy. With all my pain, and yet unable to hold anything down, (I lost 60 pounds over the treatment period) acupuncture was the only thing that kept me going. Thank you again, Dr. Robin!!!

Editor’s Note: THE GOOD FIGHT: A STORY OF CANCER, LOVE AND TRIUMPH IS a book about love and cancer … mostly love.

Book Description: An inspirational memoir by two doctors about their experience with a rare, deadly cancer. While following standard medical treatments, they also pursue the non-traditional, including acupuncture, supplements, and prayer. An amazing primer (containing charts and supplement doses) for patients and families looking for alternative — and healthy — complimentary treatment, The Good Fight is also a story of discovery and love.

Author’s Inspiration: How To Help Yourself While on Chemotherapy by Natalie Mitchell

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