Under Witch Moon
This is a wonderful series beginning!
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Under Witch Moon by Maria E. Schneider

Sometimes a book comes along that simply charms. In more than one way, as charms are a big part of the story in Under Witch Moon. Adriel is a witch, and the thing I truly loved about the book? Adriel is a real witch! Not some frou-frou witch, like some overgrown Tinkerbell, but a working witch, doing things the hard way. The job is messy, smelly, and sometimes dangerous. But hey, it’s a job, right? Adriel does it the hard way, clarifying and containing, working with metals, stone and earth. Nothing like having to burn down the whole house when a spell goes wrong . . .

Now, Adriel has another problem. Vampires and werewolves and black witches, oh my! What is a good witch to do? Especially when the good deed you try to do winds up getting someone killed. So, now it is time to fix the problem and what it’s going to take may be the death of her.

This is a wonderful Urban Fantasy, with a realistic take on witches, non-sparkly vampires, and some truly messed-up werewolves. There is a romantic slant to the book, but what Maria truly does well is allowing the relationship to take it’s time instead of doing the “I met you one day and will love you forever as of the day after”. There is one, sweet kiss in this volume, and that is it. So, if you are looking for something sexier, you aren’t going to find it right now. Way cool. I look for the relationship to grow, slowly, over the next books. Wonderful story development! Great character development and world building. Just a truly lovely book, the first of a series that I am greatly looking forward to enjoying.

The series is on my “Must-Read” list now, and should you enjoy really good UF with a realistic bent on witchcraft, this is a wonderful series to add to your shelves!

Highly recommended.