Dead Spots
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Ms. Olson has written another for my “must read as soon as they come out” shelf. I am a huge one for exceptional world building, and I cannot fault her work on this point at all. You learn things as you go along, and they fit within what is happening seamlessly in a manner that not many writers can accomplish.

Scarlett herself, the main character, is interesting. She is in no way perfect, but she isn’t irritating at all. As a null, she suffers from the ‘let’s use her for what we need and who cares what happens to her’ mentality of those around her, but she handles it well. The writing style of the author is smooth and doesn’t rely on tricks to get her point across, nor does she beat you over the head with static, worn out characterizations. You come to feel like you know and like the characters in the book.

There are some twists that will be carried on to the next book, which I really like. The ending itself was enough of a cliffhanger to put me on the edge of my seat waiting for the next book, which is a huge pleasure!

Highly recommended for those of you who like paranormal without a huge amount of paranormal romance.